Centre of competence for wireless Intra-SATellite Technologies

RDI Programme for Space Technology and Advanced Research - STAR
Subprogramme: S1-RESEARCH 
Type of the project: Centre of Competence for Space Technologies
Contract number 116 / 2016
Project duration: 36 months (2016 - 2019)
Funding: 3000000 RON
Project Manager: Prof. Tudor PALADE, PhD

Over the last years, ESA's priorities in the design and development of artificial satellites approached the use of wireless communication on-board satellites for replacing, complementing or extending standard data communication systems. Based on previous experience gained by TUC-N, in partnership with local SMEs, in the framework of the WiSAT project funded by ESA, this project proposal aims to establish and develop a Centre of Competence for Wireless Intra-SATellite Technologies (IntraSAT-Tech) in the technological niche of wireless intra-satellite communications. The IntraSAT-Tech Centre aims to set-up the Centre by promoting and enhancing the cooperation between research and industry, to perform RTD activities aimed at developing UWB wireless intra-satellite communication modules, and to ensure the Centre sustainability through RDI project proposals and execution, IP generation, and result dissemination. The main research objective of the IntraSAT-Tech Centre is to design and prototype FPGA-based intra-satellite wireless communication modules that will bridge the On-Board Computer-to-instrument connection. The FPGA-based intra-satellite wireless communication modules development will be performed in several steps, as follows: system requirements and communication protocols definition, advanced simulations and software integration, module design and hardware integration, and measurements and validation on a dedicated laboratory testbed, thus delivering a TRL4 solution.